Dear All

As you may know, the COP26 UN global climate summit is taking place in Glasgow this November. Our union is affiliated to the COP26 Coalition who are organising a global day of action for climate justice on 6 November, as well as a “People’s Summit” 7-10 November.

Working with local and regional TUC structures, the coalition has also organised united trade union blocs on 11 demonstrations (so far) across the country.

I am writing to encourage you in your branch and in your workplace to join and support the mobilisation for the global day of action on 6 November in Cambridge

Here’s how you can be part of it:

  • Join us 1pm at Great St. Mary’s Church , Senate House Hill, Cambridge CB2 3PQ

Bring Banners & Placards, if you don’t have any there is still time to make some. Please inform us you are pledging to attend by emailing Pete Monaghan

  • To promote the day of action at work please find flyers/posters to print/email att. to this email to put up at your workplace. If you require hard copies sent or delivered to you email Pete Monaghan
  • Share the Facebook event across all your friends & groups

Every worker deserves a good job and a liveable future. With your help this will be the biggest and most powerful trade union mobilisation for global climate justice in the UK to date. Please join us in a trade union bloc on 6 November.

Thank you,

Peter Monaghan

Chair – CambsTUC


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