Cambridge and District Trades Council AGM – Solidarity With the Striking Workers

The Cambridge & District Trades Council held their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 15th February. Delegates present both in the room and online were from Unite the Union, UNISON, UCU, GMB, CWU and Artist’s Union England.

The guest speakers was Anne Alexander of the UCU, who spoke about the catastrophic attack on pensions and how we could link the various industrial struggles together

The following officers were elected:

Chair: James Youd

Vice Chair: Sylvia Carter

Secretary: Dave O’Brien

Treasurer: Pam Stacey

Equalities: Alice Midori and Anand Pillai

Cultural and Events Officer: Jill Eastland

Pete Monaghan and Liz Brennan were also elected to the Executive Committee

The meeting passed a Peace motion to go to the Trades Council Annual Conference

The Council also agreed on continuing to support strikers and linking this in with Universal Credit, the cost of living crisis and unionising and recruitment. We would also continue to support housing campaigns and continuing to support opposition to all forms of discrimination.

The closing speaker was the former Trades Council Secretary and outgoing Treasurer Ian Beeby talking about his 45 years as a trade unionist. The Council gave a vote of thanks to Ian for his years of service to the Trades Council and the trade union movement.

At the end of the meeting, those present in the meeting room showed our support striking workers by sending this message of solidarity

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