OPEN ONLINE FORUM: We Demand Change – Covid19, Racism and Disproportionate BAME Deaths #BlackLivesMatter


Thursday 16 July, 6pm

OPEN ONLINE FORUM: We Demand Change – Covid19, Racism and Disproportionate BAME Deaths

The historic wave of Black Lives Matter mobilisations in response to the murder of George Floyd has led to a groundswell of support for uncovering and challenging the deeply entrenched and systematic nature of racism in Britain.

The movement has thrown up the prospect of combatative campaigns that can win real victories, from the demand to scrap Section 60 of Stop and Search, to demands around decolinising education.

It has also turned the heat up on something already exposed by the Covid19 crisis. Amidst the horror of a pandemic in which the British government allowed tens of thousands to die needlessly, a light was shone by the shockingly disproportionate BAME deaths on the deeply institutionalised nature of racism in Britain today.

As part of a series of open forums aimed at shaping and formulating demands for the anti racist movement at this crucial time, this meeting will focus on how we can work together to achieve further victories, and fight the injustice of institutionalised racism and push for a public inquiry now into the disproportionate BAME deaths during Covid19.

Support the Early Day Motion HERE demanding a public inquiry into the effect of Covid19 on BAME communites.

See statement here initiated by Diane Abbott with Stand Up To Racism demanding a public inquiry into the effect of Covid19 on BAME communites.


On Thursday 2 July over 300 join the first online forum in the series, which was on the police, racism and the fight for justice.

Campaigning against Stop & Search, Section 60, the taser and for the prosecution of offices in deaths in police contact cases were all raised by contributors including Janet Alder, Marcia Rigg, Aamer Anwar & Suresh Grover.

Yesterday, over 500 joined the second forum in the series on Slavery, Empire and Decolonising Education, with contributions from Liverpool councillor Anna Rothery, the NEU’s Daniel Kebede, Anita Israel, ex Education Officer at UAL Student Union, Victoria Showunmi, lecturer at UCL and chair of UCU Black Members Committee, and Maxine Loopy, ESOL lecturer and vice chair UCU Black Members Committee.

Next week’s open forum will concentrate on the Covid19, Racism  and Disproportionate BAME Deaths book your place now.

Celebrating 72 Years of the NHS – 4th and 5th July

This 72nd NHS anniversary, share our ‘2020 vision’ for better health care

This NHS anniversary weekend Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July, Keep Our NHS Public, Health Campaigns TogetherThe People’s Assembly Against Austerity and We Own It, are calling for nationwide local events and a national online rally on Sunday 5th July at 3:30 PM to say, ‘Our NHS deserves better’


SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Cat Hobbs (We Own It), Dr Sonia Adesara (Keep Our NHS Public), Helen O’Conner (GMB), John Lister (Health Campaigns Together), Dr Kambiz Boomla (Doctors in Unite), Kevin Courtney (National Education Union), Laura Ho (Build Back Better), Laura Pidcock (People’s Assembly), Rachel Ambrose (mental health nurse) and Roger McKenzie (Unison) more tba


Keep Our NHS Public – Cambridge Group:

On Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of July we will be celebrating 72 years of our NHS with events up and down the country.The Tories have been continuing the privatisation of our health service during the pandemic and are in a rush to get us back to work without and acceptable track and trace system expected before September. They think we will allow them to go back to an underfunded, underpaid and racist health service. Let’s show them they’re wrong.


June 2020

Comrades, Friends,

This Bill Repeals the EU Freedom of Movement and introduces the new framework, though not the exact details, of who can come to live in the UK.

The Government’s proposals are unfair, unjust and hypocritical. The classification of workers who earn less than £25,600 as low skilled and not welcome in this country is a grave mistake and not in the national interest. Covid-19 has just shown that they are highly skilled and essential workers for the country.

The government encourages us to Clap for care workers on a Thursday evening then by Monday say that the same care workers are actually unskilled and not welcome in this country?

We cannot support an immigration Bill that is a threat to our health as well as a threat to our social care sector. The Bill will enable the government to introduce a new points-based system, which is likely to discourage care workers from coming to the UK. We strongly ask the Government to think again.

The new points system will award points for specific requirements such as being able to speak English to a certain level, having a job offer from an approved employer and meeting a salary threshold of £25,600. In March, a visa allowing doctors, nurses and health professionals from overseas to work in the NHS was introduced.

Ahead of the bill’s second reading, Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “Our new points-based system is firmer, fairer, and simpler” She went on to say that that this Bill would deliver a ‘high skilled” economy. Covid-19 has shown that the UK NHS workforce cannot fulfil the tasks required by our NHS without care workers from outside the country.

130 care workers have died caring for us all. They have demonstrated professional skills and moral values of patience, empathy, love and kindness. It takes someone truly remarkable to have these qualities and to serve under such a pandemic crisis. They have undertaken jobs outside of their job remits, such as certifying deaths, doing tasks that only a District Nurse would do. They even accepted less PPE as it was unavailable, but still risked their lives by using what was available to carry on and care for patients. This bill is not the right way for the government to show them the respect they deserve.

In the future, many Care Workers, under this Bill will not be able to come to work in the care sector, in the UK. Not only because they are defined as “low skilled” but also because they will not meet the minimum salary threshold requirement of £26,000, as set out in the Bill. A minimum salary threshold of £25,600 for Workers wishing to enter the UK. No exemptions for low skilled workers, which includes carers, but seasonal workers are exempt?

The carers were amongst the list of the critical care workers, during the pandemic. The government has now received huge opposition from the Director of the Charity age UK as well as MPs across the Parties.


Please support this petition by signing it ASAP

Yours in Comradeship

May Shafi

Vice Chair

Cambridge & District Trades Council (CDTC)


Petition Opposing The Immigration and Social Security Co-Ordination Bill


In Solidarity with the Black lives Matter movement

Cambridge & District Trades Council stands in solidarity with the family of George Floyd and all those protesting against his murder. We stand in opposition to the systematic racism that leads to such appalling crimes against black people in the US and far beyond. These protests have sparked an outpouring of solidarity actions across the world including the UK where we must now confront our own institutional racism and look for strategies to tackle this immense problem.

The current COVID pandemic has laid bare the systemic inequality Black and Ethnic Minority communities face including the disproportionately high fatility rates in our communities. Our job as trade unionists is to organise against poverty pay, lack of affordable housing and protection for our key workers in the NHS, social care and public transport of which our BAME brothers and sisters play large and leading role. The tragic death of Belly Mujinga, a railway ticket office worker at London Victoria highlights these inequalities. Key workers such as Belly have been left without necessary protection and no amount of clapping will make up for the lives lost. We echo the calls for an inquiry into BAME deaths during the pandemic.

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