Cambridge and District Trades Council Condemns the Actions of the Metropolitan Police

Cambridge Trade Council today totally condemns the unnecessary actions
of the Met Police, 13th March at Clapham Common in London. It is totally
unacceptable that grieving women were prevented from holding a peaceful
and socially distanced protest. In Cambridge and throughout the country
vigils were held to show respect for women and grief in memory of Sarah
Everard. The aggressive and disgraceful approach by the police in breaking
up a peaceful vigil, has left women feeling betrayed by the very institution
they should be able to put their trust in. They can no longer trust the police
to protect them and to keep them safe.
May Shafi, Equalities Officer for Cambridge Trade Council said, “male
violence against women, BAME, LGBT, and disabled people must stop. The
pandemic has seen reported cases of the increase of domestic abuse in the
home, and now women no longer feel safe on our streets”. She went on to
say, “this is alarming and these institutional and systematic failings should be
put right immediately”. This government, instead of empowering the perpetrators by these systematic failings, must give women the safety and justice
they have an inalienable human right to.
This Trades Council strongly opposes the Home Secretary’s draconian measures in The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Why should police
powers be increased to handle peaceful protests? It does not make sense
unless the real reason behind these measures is to restrict trade unions public campaigning and to bring all protests to an eventual halt! What happened
on the vigil on Saturday, went against the Human rights Act in the way in
which women were mishandled by the police.
The Home Secretary should instead be focusing on police powers
being regularly assessed and checked so that they are not being misused
and there can be no repeat of Clapham Common. This trades council opposes any changes to the law that threatens the right to protest. Do we live
in a democracy or not? The Metropolitan police should be held to account
and not the public! The Home Secretary should now be focusing on the safety of women in public places and how to rebuild women’s confidence in the
agency of law and order that has failed them.
We oppose the discriminatory proposal of giving men a curfew time
from 6 pm. We do not support all men being punished. All men are not the
perpetrators of violence against women and therefore we condemn this proposal. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the trade union
movement, who are campaigning actively to protect all women and the injustices they suffer due to the financial cutbacks and the structural inequalities
which they experience every day.
We stand with and support the TUC Statement from 12 March 2021, calling
on Ministers to meet their 5 pledges in helping to combat male violence
against women. We also support and stand with Unite the Union’s statement
of 13 March 2021 to keep police powers in check and support our right to
peaceful protests!
It is a woman’s ‘inalienable’ right to live in freedom, to breathe, to be
safe and to have access to justice and equality. So why are they still struggling on our streets today, in the 21st century? This pandemic has seen an
INCREASE in reported domestic abuse cases, an INCREASE in rates of financial hardship and an INCREASE in the rates of suicides and murders of
WE MUST STOP MALE VIOLENCE NOW! We call on the Government
to scrap the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and allow the
right to protest. It is through protest and highlighting issues that we will be
helping to save women’s lives.
For further information please contact
May Shafi Equalities Officer- Women’s Lead
Cambridge & District Trades Council
15 March 2021

International Womens Day 2021


Cambridge & District Trades Council
On International Women’s Day
Invites all Sisters of the TU Movement
Monday 8th March
Zoom from 1pm to 3pm

Come together Sisters and share your experiences during this pandemic

How did you cope at home, working, schooling, caring ?

As Unions – how did we support you? Could we have done better and how?

Going forward- what lessons as Women have we learned from this pandemic

and How can we as Sisters of the Trade Union Movement support the movement in the future ?

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 8905 7879
Passcode: 277026

With Solidarity, Comradeship and Sisterhood

May Shafi –  Equalities Officer – Women’s Lead


Pay Rise For Key Workers update

Hi All
On Tuesday evening we held our meeting to support a pay rise for Key Workers. Unfortunately, the MP we had invited to listen to his
constituents, Conservative Anthony Browne Cambs Sth., had to withdraw on the day due to emergency dental surgery. We decided to go ahead despite this and record the meeting to send to him requesting a written response. As part of that response we have asked for a direct yes or no to signing an open letter to the Chancellor supporting a pay rise for Key Workers. We have also issued a press release and we will update everyone once we receive a response. Many thanks for all those that took part especially the Key Workers who gave their testimonies. Here is a link to the meeting if you would like to view it (approx. 20 mins long)
In Solidarity
Pete M Chair


Next Tuesday on March 2nd at 6.30 pm we have arranged for Key Workers in Cambs. South Constituency to meet directly with their MP Anthony Browne so that they can share with him their experience of working through the pandemic. They will be seeking his support for a pay rise for all Key Workers ahead of the budget being announced the next day. You can also show your support for the Key Workers by joining this meeting via the Zoom link below. Please attend, the more people in attendance, the bigger the message is that we all support our Key Workers not just with clapping but in their campaign to win the decent pay-rises they deserve.

If you are a Key Workers who are resident in Cambs. South Constituency and you can attend please get in touch if would like to be part of this meeting (contact details below) If you can’t be there in person you can also pre-record a video to be played at the meeting instead.

Pete Monaghan

Chair Cambstuc –

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Meeting ID: 883 2361 5443
Passcode: 101067

The Big Meeting” free film screening with live Q&A

For week  this year we are pleased to announce that the Camb. Trades Council will be hosting an online screening of “The Big Meeting” documentary about the annual Durham Miners Gala. This will followed by a live Q&A with the film makers and one of the organisers of the Gala. The screening will be via Zoom at 7pm on Thursday 11th Feb and the link is below.

“Every second Saturday in July the city of Durham is taken over by miners, trade-unions and the public for an event known locally as ‘The Big Meeting’. The Durham Miners’ Gala is an annual celebration of noise, colour and solidarity, of class culture, creativity and endeavour. Attracting 200,000 people, banners and brass bands parade through the streets to honour their heritage. The Big Meeting reflects the past, present and future of the Gala and labour movement, whilst following four protagonists over the course of this impressive working- class occasion.”

This will be especially poignant viewing whilst we are in lockdown but hopefully be a positive experience to see and feel something we can look forward to returning to.

Trailer can be viewed here

Facebook Event here  “The Big Meeting” free film screening with live Q&A | Facebook

If you can’t make it on the night or would like to get your own copy of the film the filmmakers, Shut Out the Light, are kindly offering the DVD for trade unions for a limited period for £5 instead of £7.50, people just need to go to to redeem it.

Look forward to seeing you on the 11th

Topic: The Big Meeting with Q&A

Time: Feb 11, 2021 07:00 PM London

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Stay Safe at Work – Join A Union !



We are very pleased to announce the official launch of the Stay Safe At Work – Join A Union Campaign which is a joint working partnership between the TUC, Cambridge City Council & the Cambridge Trades Council to promote the fact that the safest workers are union members. The campaign consists of TUC designed /Trades Council funded posters that will be displayed by the City Council throughout the city via their Arts Distribution service on the notice boards they service in Cambridge. In addition, a webpage has been created on the City Council website so that information on joining a union in relation to safety within the Covid-19 pandemic is accessible online. There will also be a feature in the Winter edition of Cambridge Matters that will drop on residents’ doormats very soon.

In addition to the above we also have a stock of posters to display elsewhere once lockdown is lifted. If you have any workplace, local café, pub, shop etc. that would be willing to display one of these please email me and I will be happy to deliver or post as many as you require. We will also shortly have postcards printed for distribution. These resources are a great opportunity to promote union membership so let’s take full advantage and distribute far & wide.

We would like to thank all those involved in the creating of this partnership and campaign. Please see below for various links and information.

In Solidarity

Peter Monaghan Co-Chair – CambsTUC

For posters please email –

Currently we have A3 & A4 – please state how many of which size you require and if you would like any laminated.

Webpage Link – Coronavirus: Health and safety advice for employees – Cambridge City Council

Press Release & Photo – Below

A4 & A3 also att. if you would like to print out yourselves to put up anywhere.